Cirkul Sips Not Lasting: Reasons and Ways to Solve the Problem.

Staying hydrated is a daily challenge that few of us succeed at. Cirkul Sips are changing all that. The company is making it easier than ever for us to get the right amount of water each day. All you need to do is purchase their innovative water bottle and at least one flavor of the Cirkul sips to get the party started.

If you haven’t yet caught on to this secret, it is great for you and your family that you found out now. The company aims to ensure that drinking water turns from a chore into a fun, convenient and delicious activity. You can purchase customized colorful BPA-free plastic bottles for your kids and sleek stainless-steel options for the adults in the family. Once you have the bottle, the Cirkul Sips will keep you sipping.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Cirkul Sips, including:

  • How do Cirkul Sips work
  • How long do Cirkul Sips last on average
  • How to use Cirkul Sips
  • How to make Cirkul Sips last longer

How Cirkul Sips Work

Cirkul Sips are the flavor cartridges where you insert your flavor. These sips are attached to the flavor dial, water spout, and spout cover. The flavor dial allows you to set the intensity of the flavor using settings from zero to ten. The number setting makes it easier for you to remember your preferred setting.

The water in the bottle remains unflavored until you pull it through the flavor cartridge. The company used a patented one-way valve that prevents water that has made contact with the Cirkul Sip from flowing back into the bottle.

Once your Cirkul Sip gets depleted of flavor, you will notice an immediate drop in the water’s flavor. A sure way to find out whether your Cirkul is exhausted is by temporarily setting the flavor dial at ten. If there still isn’t any flavor left, you should dispose of the Cirkul Sip and switch it out for a new flavor.

If you want to switch your flavors before the Cirkul Sip is depleted, the company has thought of that too. You have better options than sucking on the same flavor until it is exhausted or disposing of a flavorful Sip because you want a different taste. Meet the Sip Safe.

The Sip Safe is a hygienic way to store your Cirkul Sips between use. The small safe is made of BPA-free plastic. It has magnetic locking clasps for easy opening and closing. The innovative product also has tiny holes to allow the evaporation of any water that may be left in the Sip. Other accessories for your Cirkul water bottle include

  • Comfort grip lid
  • Chill and shock sleeve
  • Flow filter (only attachable to the comfort grip lid)

Why Cirkul Sips Are Gaining Popularity

Cirkul Sips are taking the hydration market by storm for a good reason. If you still aren’t caught up, here are a couple:

  • Cirkul Sips are colorless and do not contain artificial flavors or colorings, making them a top choice amongst health-oriented consumers. Parents are delighted to have a product that encourages children to hydrate without exposing them to harmful substances. The company declares that its products do not contain acesulfame or aspartame potassium.
  • If pure flavor essence doesn’t sweeten the pot enough for your sweet tooth, you can opt for flavors that are sweetened with Stevia or sucralose.
  • Cirkul Lids work on a wide range of popular (wide-mouth) water bottle brands, including Contigo, Camelbak, Nalgene, Klean Kanteen, and Hydro Flask.
  • Cirkul has partnered with leading tea and coffee retailers to ensure you have over fifty flavors to choose from. The company is constantly expanding the range of flavors available to ensure everyone hydrates to their desired taste.
  • The most popular Cirkul products are dishwasher safe. These include lids, squeeze, and plastic bottles which can all be cleaned on the top rack without incident. Stainless steel and custom bottles must be hand-washed.

How Long Should Cirkul Sips Last

When thinking of how long your Cirkul Sips last, it is best to think of duration in terms of water flavored rather than the days it takes for the Sip to be entirely spent. In general, a single Cirkul flavor cartridge should last you through at least 132Oz of water. If your flavor dial is set very high, the Cirkul Sip will be exhausted sooner. Similarly, if your flavor dial is on the lower end, your Cirkul Sip may last for more than 132Oz.

We will make the Math easier for you. Since Cirkul water bottles are available in 42oz, 32oz, 22oz, and 12oz varieties, each bottle will carry you over for a specific number of days. A Cirkul Sip will last an average of eleven fill-ups with a 12oz bottle, six fill-ups with a 22oz bottle, and four fill-ups with a 32oz bottle. All this is assuming your flavor dial is set at a neutral flavor intensity of five.

It is recommended that Cirkul Sips be stored at room temperature, but there isn’t any harm caused by storing them in a refrigerator. Never put your Cirkul Sips in the freezer compartment, though, because this will destroy the flavor. Once you open your Cirkul Sip, it is good until the expiry date indicated on the packaging. The company, however, recommends using opened Cirkul Sips within ten days for optimal results.

How to Use Cirkul Sips

A big part of getting Cirkul sips to last as long as possible is using them correctly. Figuring out how to use a water bottle and flavor infuser is not rocket science, but a little guidance never hurt. When using your Cirkul Sips, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always ensure your Cirkul water bottle is clean before filling it up. Using it for more than a day without cleaning it will cause residue to build up. This residue will affect your water’s cleanliness, consistency, and flavor.
  • Begin by twisting off your Cirkul Sips packet and inserting it into the cartridge.
  • Secure the flavor cartridge in the bottle and adjust its flavor intensity to the desired level. Your Cirkul bottle’s flavor intensity may be set using a slider or dial – depending on the model you bought. Whichever way, using the lowest intensity setting is the best way to ensure your Cirkul Sip lasts longer than you would expect.
  • Fill up your Cirkul water bottle and sip from the spout or straw. Each Sip will be infused with flavor as it flows through the cartridge. Every drop will burst with flavor. How can you not meet your hydration goals? If only getting your steps in was this easy.
  • Switch your flavors as desired. If you find that you want to enjoy a different flavor, all you need to do is dispose of the used-up Sip (if it’s still good, you can store it in the ) and swap it with another one. If you miss the plain old days, you can remove the cartridge and enjoy the water in its ‘original’ flavor.
  • Clean your bottle and flavor cartridge daily to ensure there isn’t any residue build-up that could contaminate your water and affect the flavor diffusion of the new Cirkul Sips.

The correct way to use your Cirkul water bottle and Cirkul Sips will depend on the model you purchased. Consulting your user manual is the best way to ensure you are using your new purchase in the most efficient way possible.

Why Cirkul Sips Aren’t Lasting as Long as Expected

Now that drinking water will no longer be a challenge, the fight will shift to ensuring your Cirkul Sips last as long as possible. We have that covered. Below is the list of reasons your Cirkul Sips are not lasting as long as expected. Of course, we also mention what you can do to prolong your Cirkul Sips lifespan.

  • Setting your flavor concentration too low could be the reason your Cirkul Sips are not lasting as long as advertised. When your concentration settings are very low, you will need more sips to achieve the taste you desire. The less water that goes through your Cirkul Sips, the longer they will last.
  • Failing to clean your Cirkul water bottle and flavor cartridge may cause your Cirkul Sips to run out of flavor before their time. Poor hygiene causes residue from Cirkul Sips or water to build up in the bottle and flavor cartridge. Cleaning regularly ensures the flavors are properly dispersed in the water. Be sure to clean and rinse the Cirkul products according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When in a pinch, warm water and mild soap will do the job just right.
  • Defective cartridges or sips are a rare cause of Cirkul Sips not lasting as long as anticipated. If you have cleaned your bottle and adjusted the flavor intensity, yet your Cirkul Sips are still not lasting, you should consider contacting customer support for further assistance.


If your Cirkul Sips are not lasting as long as you’d like, consider lowering the flavor intensity. Cleaning your Cirkul lid and water bottle could also help guarantee that no residue is blocking the flavor within the Sip.