Aromatech vs Aroma360 – Which one’s better for you?

Signature scents are a proven way of improving emotional and psychological well-being. Your home or business scent choice determines your experience whenever you step into the space. In this article, we compare two competitive brands that offer high-quality scents for residential and commercial spaces.

We will help you pick the right brand that suits your needs and preferences. You will also learn the benefits of aromas and the factors to consider when choosing scents for your space.

Benefits of Home and Business Scenting

Home scents set the mood and tone for your family and guests. You can use scents to trigger positive emotions and revive precious memories. Fragrances balance the smells from different rooms in your home and make the space welcoming.

Business scenting enhances your customers’ experiences on your premises. Buyers feel welcome and relaxed when buying from you or interacting with your employees. Signature scents are memorable. Buyers remember your brand after the purchase.

The therapeutic properties of scents enhance your employees’ morale and productivity. In addition, pleasant smells from essential oils reduce work-related stress and lighten the mood in the office.

How to Choose a Scenting Solution

The signature scent in your space should help you relax and focus on important tasks. The appropriate scent varies from one room to another in your home. Here are some important considerations to make when picking a scenting solution.

1. Emotions

How do you want to feel when you get home? Choose a scent that brings those feelings or emotions. For instance, if you get home in the evening, choose a fragrance that helps you and your loved ones relax and sleep better.

When choosing a scent for your business, consider the impact you intend to create on employees and buyers. The scent should set the proper mood and trigger emotions that enhance your business performance.

2. Personal preference

Choosing a scent is personal. Try different scents and pick the one that matches your preferences and personality. Your choice may change over time as you experiment with different fragrances.

3. Season

It helps to match a scent with the season. For instance, you can choose a combination of scents for the holiday season. You can also make a cold season warmer with the scents.

4. Complementary fragrances

You can choose different scents for different rooms in your home or office. However, the scents should create a perfect blend. For instance, you can combine fruity and floral scents to transition from one room to another seamlessly.

Aromatech Scents and Diffusers

The Aromatech Company manufactures and supplies fragrances made of 100% pure aroma and essential oils. The Canadian firm is dedicated to providing homes and businesses with high-quality fragrances that suit different moods.

The company is also committed to environmental sustainability. It uses renewable and safe resources to derive its ingredients. In addition, the packaging is designed with recyclable materials. Aromatech products are pet-friendly and cruelty-free.

You should consider Aromatech aroma oils for your home or office because they are free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors, and glycols. In addition, the company observes the recommended diffusion and inhalation rates.

Your family members and pets are comfortable and safe when enjoying Aromatech scents. Another outstanding feature is that the company uses all-natural ingredients. You get unique aroma blends made of 100% natural essential oils.

Aromatech supplies fragrance nebulizers that use cold-air diffusion technology. The technology combines filtered air in your space with pure essential oils and aromas. Hence, the diffusers do not leave any harmful residues in your space.

You do not need to heat or dilute the scents with water or alcohol to enjoy the fragrances. The nebulizers distribute the scent in the room while preserving the natural smell of essential oils.

The cold-air diffusing technology makes the aromas last longer. In addition, the aromas are consistent in every space and retain their therapeutic properties. You will also use lesser oils when using Aromatech diffusers than standard diffusers.

You can use your Android or IOS devices to control the intensity of Aromatech scents via Bluetooth. The apps enable you to schedule diffusion to maintain your preferred scents in each space.

The diffusers are easy to clean and maintain. The company also offers a one-year warranty after purchase.

Aroma360 Scents and Diffusers

Aroma360 is a competitive brand of scents, diffusers, and candles. The company runs on two principles: providing homes and businesses with healthy scenting solutions and educating people on Aromachology benefits.

The company uses high-quality oils to manufacture luxury scents. Aroma360 emphasizes the benefits of using scents to boost sales. Businesses can create aromatic sanctuaries that enhance the buyers’ experience in their spaces.

Aroma360 has designed over 90 signature scents that reach clients in over 22 countries. It provides customized scents to businesses, especially hotels, as a part of scent branding and marketing tactics.

Aroma360 scents are child and pet friendly. The fragrances use the water cold-air diffusion technology and are cruelty-free. In addition, the scents are free of parabens, petroleum, phthalate, and carcinogens.

Aroma360 observes the highest health and safety standards in its production processes. The company combines perfume-quality fragrance oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils to make aroma oils.

The combination gives you versatility and scenting options while retaining the therapeutic properties of essential oils. You have maximum control of your environment with a wide range of scents.

Aroma360 designs unique diffusers for its fragrance oils. The diffusers are customized to suit the viscosity of the firm’s scents. You will enjoy optimal scent distribution using Aroma360 diffusers for its scents.

You can use other oils with the Aroma360 diffuser. However, you will lose the one-year warranty. The company offers a monthly subscription to your favorite scents. Most bottles last a month when set to diffuse scents for 8 hours daily.

The company offers portable diffusers to plug into any outlet without a central A/C. Aroma360 also supplies HVAC units that you can use with a central A/C. The latter does not work with cold-air diffusion technology.

If the HVAC units suit your needs and budget better than the cold-air diffusers, use the heat or A/C settings for the best results. The company recommends low heat settings because warm air makes the fragrance stronger.

Aromatech vs. Aroma360

The two companies offer competitive and quality scenting solutions. You are safe shopping for any scents from their suppliers. Let’s look further into their similarities and differences to help you decide.

1) Diffusion Technology

Both brands have specific diffusers for their scents that use cold-air diffusion technology. The technology is cleaner and healthier because it leaves no harmful particles or residues.

Cold-air diffusion also helps you cover a wide area fast and distribute the scent evenly. Aroma360 offers HVAC units that you can use with an A/C system.

2) Nature and Quality of Scents

Aromatech and Aroma360 meet industrial manufacturing standards for their scents and diffusers. The difference is in the type of oils used. Aromatech uses 100% natural essential and aroma oils.

Aroma360 uses high-quality aroma oils and essential oils with therapeutic benefits. Choose Aromatech scents if you prefer 100% natural oils. However, Aroma360 oils retain their therapeutic properties after processing and diffusion.

3) Health and Safety Standards

The two brands are committed to manufacturing scents safe for kids, plants, and pets. The fragrances from both companies are free of harmful chemicals, such as parabens, carcinogens, petrochemicals, and phthalate.

The companies also comply with industrial health standards to produce cruelty-free products. However, Aromatech is better if you want all-natural scents without synthetic enhancers or fragrances.

4) Maintenance Needs

The diffusers have minimal maintenance needs. Aromatech offers a cleaner separately for buyers who prefer to clean a diffuser before refilling it. Aroma360 diffusers have no maintenance needs.

You can refill Aroma360 diffusers as often as you wish, especially with a monthly subscription. Both companies also offer a one-year warranty for their diffusers if you do not add oils from other companies.

5) Range of scents and diffusers

Aroma360 has a wider range of scents than Aromatech. Aroma360 offers over 90 signature fragrances. You can also order custom scents for your business or home.

Aromatech is limited in its range of scents because of its dedication to 100% aroma and essential oils. However, you still have many options to choose from, depending on your favorite natural scent.

6) Specialization

Another difference you will easily notice between the two scenting companies is their specialization. The scents apply to residential and commercial spaces. However, Aroma360 pay more attention to scenting solution for businesses.

Aroma360 scents are perfect if you are looking for scenting solutions to make an emotional connection with buyers or customers. The company has proven results of the increase in sales after businesses implement the recommended scenting solutions.

You can pick a scent depending on your industry. For instance, the company has scents for spas, hotels, property managers, fitness spaces, hospitals, and dental clinics. You can also order a customized scent that buyers can link to your brand.

7) Pricing

The price of home scenting solutions from the two brands is fair. You can get unique fragrances for less than $100. However, the business scenting solutions from Aroma360 are expensive. The pricing is reasonable, given the impact on sales.


Aromatech and Aroma360 offer high-quality signature fragrances for homes and businesses. The scents are safe for kids, plants, and pets. Your choice between the two brands will depend on your needs and preferences. Choose Aromatech fragrances if you are looking for all-natural scents for your home.

Aroma360 is a perfect choice for business scenting solutions. You will get a customized scent to match your business and industry. Aroma360 also offers a wider range of scents than Aromatech and offers HVAC units and candles.