How to Install Febreze Plug-In? Our Instructions and Tips

Nothing represents convenience better than the Febreze Plug-In. Why burden yourself with the chore of picking up a can to freshen your space when the Febreze Plug-In can do it for you? And we all know how bad pressurized aerosol cans are for the environment.

The Febreze Plug-In ensures your home remains fresh without burdening your carbon footprint with can after can of pressurized aerosols. It is exactly what you didn’t know you needed. If you just bought a Febreze Plug-In that you are eager to get going, this article is exactly what you need.

We will walk you through everything you need to know about installing and using the Febreze Plug-In. This includes:

  • How the Febreze Plug-In works
  • How to Install the Febreze Plug-In

How the Febreze Plug-In Works

This sleek, easy-to-use Plug-In is designed to scent a single room. If you want to refresh and bathe multiple rooms in delightful fragrances, you will have to purchase more than one unit. The Febreze Plug-In works to rid rooms of unpleasant odors and disperse a scent of your choosing.

The Febreze Plug-In package should contain the electrical unit that you connect to a power outlet and one or two scented oil refills. These refills contain the scented oil that is used instead of pressurized spray. The electrical Plug-In unit consists of a fan and heating element. It also has a dial or button designed to adjust the intensity of the fragrance to your preferred setting. That is all you need to transport your sense of smell to an aromatherapeutic utopia.

Once you connect the Plug-In to the power outlet, the heating element will warm the scented oil gradually, causing its particles to evaporate. The fan helps stabilize the temperature of the heating element and also disperses the fine mist of fragrance molecules into the room. It circulates the air in the room, ensuring the fragrance is evenly distributed in every corner of your room. Voila! Your Febreze Plug-In is working like a charm.

Of course, it takes a little more finesse to ensure you get the most out of your Febreze Plug-In. You will find a detailed guide below.

How Long Do Febreze Plug-In Refill Fragrances Last?

Now that you know your Febeze Plug-In relies on a fan and heating element to ensure your room maintains a pleasant scent throughout, you may wonder how long you can expect it to last. Every type of Febreze Plug-In scent will last for a different duration depending on the intensity settings and frequency of use.

A Plug-In that runs round the clock on full fragrance intensity settings cannot last as long as one used periodically at lower fragrance intensities. In general, Febreze fragrance refills are advertised to last 1200 hours when used in the lowest intensity setting.

How to Install the Febreze Plug-In

More thought goes into installing a Febreze Plug-In correctly than one would think. Here is a detailed description that will guarantee your Febreze Plug-In is optimally placed to use as little power as possible while maintaining the ethereal scents you are looking to immerse yourself in.

1) Open the Packaging and Assemble the Febreze Plug-In Unit

The first step is the simplest, opening the packaging and retrieving your Plug-In unit and the accompanying refill glass vials. You will notice that the Plug-In rotates to allow easier installation into the selected power outlet. Ensure the Plug-In is never installed in an upside-down or sideways position that could cause the oil within to leak onto your power outlet. Installing the Febreze Plug-In incorrectly could pose an electrical fire hazard.

2) Insert the Scented Oil

Next, you will insert the glass vial into the Plug-In. Begin by removing the refill cap. Ensure you do not touch the wick or spill the scented oil. The glass vial should be firmly placed in the Plug-In to avoid an accidental leak.

Align the connection pins of the refill and Febreze Plug-In unit, then Insert the glass vial until you hear a click. The click is a safety ensures the vial is well secured before the device is plugged into the power.

Take note that whenever refiling your Plug-In, the empty glass vial should be disposed of in the recycle bin. Before discarding the glass vial in the recycle bin, be sure to unscrew both caps and dispose of them separately. It is also advisable to wash your hands immediately after handling the vials because the oils within are known skin and eye irritants.

3) Adjust Your Desired Scent Intensity

After securing your glass vial in the Plug-In unit, it is now time to set the fragrance intensity level you’d like to experience. Depending on the model of the Febreze Plug-In you have purchased, the intensity levels may be set using a dial or a button. The higher your intensity setting, the faster the oil will run out and have to be refilled.

The right intensity setting for you will depend on your habits and preferences. If you do not spend much time in the room, you can turn on the Febreze Plug-In at high intensity for short periods of time. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the room may best be served by letting the Febreze Plug-In run constantly but in a low-intensity setting.

You may find that you prefer some fragrances at a high setting and others at a low one. It will take some time and tinkering to figure out the best way to use your Febreze Plug-In.

4) Find the Right Electrical Outlet

If half the magic lies in figuring out the perfect intensity setting, the other half undoubtedly lies in lies in selecting the right power outlet. Where the Febreze Plug-In is installed plays a crucial role in whether it can effectively circulate the fragrance and air within the room. The ideal placement would be one that is central within the room. The power outlet you select should not be in a place with restricted airflow, e.g., behind a couch. The Febreze Plug-In performs best when placed in a central location with free airflow.

The power outlet should not be close to any water outlets or flammable materials. It is also important to select an outlet that is not easily accessible to children and pets. The scented oils are toxic. If they are ingested or come into contact with eyes, you must visit an emergency room immediately.

Once you have found the perfect outlet, all that’s left is to connect your Febreze Plug-In and enjoy the heavenly scents. Once the unit is connected, light should come on to indicate that it is working.

5) Clean the Febreze Plug-In Unit Periodically

Now that your Febreze Plug-In unit is functionally optimal, you will have to resist the temptation to ignore it until it is time for a refill. You will have to unplug your Febreze Plug-In and dust it every now and then. Depending on your geographical location, this could be once a week or several times a week.

You will also need to keep an eye out for any oil residue build-up during refills. Do not use water-based cleaners or water on your Febreze Plug-In unit. A dry microfiber cloth is all it takes.

Precautions When Using Febreze Plugin

There are a few precautions to keep in mind to ensure you and your family are safe while using Febreze Plug-In products. Here is a summary:

  • Do not use in poorly ventilated areas
  • Do not place the unit within reach of children or pets
  • Do not use if you own pet birds
  • Do not use near heat sources or open flames
  • Do place the unit in a damp area, e.g., a bathroom
  • Do not touch the wick or scented oil

How to Prolong Your Febreze Plug-In Scents

If you are looking to ensure your refill lasts as long as possible, try these handy hacks:

  • Always begin with a low-intensity setting and gradually increase as the scent’s strength wears off
  • Place your Febreze Plug-In in the most central and well-ventilated position.
  • Use the timer and automatic shut-off features to prevent the Febreze Plug-In from running overnight or when you are not home.
  • Store your refills in a cool, dry place that preserves the scent’s integrity. Exposing the refill to intense light or heat could cause molecules to begin evaporating before use.
  • Select low-wattage units that consume less power by dispersing fragrances at lower temperatures and thus extending the lifespan of your refill.

How long your scent refill lasts will depend on the size of the room, your intensity settings, and how often you use the Febreze Plug-In.


Installing a Febreze Plug-In is easy as ABC, as long you follow the instructions above and adhere to the safety precautions detailed. Enjoy your Febreze Plug-In unit. Just don’t forget to dust it every now and then.