Does Pura Work without Wi-Fi? Some Things to Consider

Yes, Pura can work without Wi-Fi. It is best for basic functions like dispensing scents, but other features need Wi-Fi.

Basic Functionality Without Wi-fi:

  • Pura device diffuses fragrance even when disconnected from Wi-Fi.
  • Manual mode allows adjustment of scent intensity.
  • LED nightlights function regardless of Wi-Fi connection.

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Limitations Without Wi-Fi

When not connected to Wi-Fi, certain features are unusable:

  • Scheduling function requires Wi-Fi to set specific times for fragrance release.
  • Remote control of device through the Pura app needs Wi-Fi.
  • Device usage details and control over multiple devices require a Wi-Fi connection. Reconnecting to Wi-Fi

If the device disconnects from Wi-Fi, it will continue to disperse the scent at the last selected setting. To reconnect, follow instructions in the Pura app or reset the device. If connectivity issues persist, customer support is available for help.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Connectivity

While Pura works without Wi-Fi, more features are accessible when connected:

  • Complete control over device settings through the Pura app.
  • The ability to schedule dispersion times.
  • Monitoring of fragrance lifespan and adjusting intensity accordingly.
  • Switching between multiple fragrances and controlling multiple devices from a single application.

While basic usage of Pura is possible without Wi-Fi, maximum utility can be extracted when connected to Wi-Fi network.