How Do I Know If My Pura Is Working? Tips for Best Use

The Pura smart plugin fragrance diffuser is the newest hot new technology no one knew they needed. Until it hits the market, that is! Now everyone just has to have it. No one can deny that life is much better when it smells good. If you don’t believe us, check out the research on aromatherapy! People are raving about the Pura plugin fragrance diffuser, which has all but crowned the handy innovation of the home fragrance gadget of the future.

You’ll know it works when the fragrances waft through your house at the exact time you programmed and at the desired intensity. The Pura plugin fragrance diffuser will eventually make scented candles a thing of the past for anyone who prefers to avoid fire hazards. This device beats candles at its own game and then goes a mile extra.

If your Pura just got delivered, and you are eager to ensure it works correctly, you are at the right place. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about your Pura, including:

  • How your Pura Plugin Fragrance Diffuser Works
  • How to use your Pura Plugin Fragrance Diffuser app
  • How long your Pura scent vials will last
  • Common problems you may encounter with your Pura Plugin Fragrance Diffuser

What Does Pura Plugin Fragrance Diffuser Do?

A better question would be, what doesn’t the Pura plugin fragrance diffuser do? Like any device that connects to the internet, your Pura is capable of much more than you would expect. After purchasing the device, you can load it with two scents at a time. After plugging it into a power outlet, you will use an app to control the device and select the scent you want to immerse yourself in.

The Pura plugin fragrance diffuser utilizes low heat diffusion to disperse small droplets of their proprietary scented solvents in the air. You can set the intensity of the scent using your smartphone, and the gadget will respond by increasing the heat diffusion to release a higher concentration of the droplets into the air.

How to Use the Pura Plugin Fragrance Diffuser Application

The Pura app does much more than control your scent-loaded gadget; it offers a wealth of options at the click of a button. Be warned that consumers have complained that while the Pura plugin fragrance diffuser is perfect, its application suffers a lot of glitches and needs tons of work.

A glance at their Apple and Google app store reviews shows how frustrated customers are with the app developers. This means that if your Pura isn’t working exactly as you would like, chances are high that the defect is due to programming and not the hardware.

The app – which is a work in progress, allows users to perform a wide range of functions, including:

  • Control a night light that glows in any color you desire.
  • Set a scent schedule – Would you like your Pura to wake you up with a light scent of your choosing before the alarm rings? How about if Pura to diffused the scent at a low intensity all day? Or would you rather it diffused an intense scent right before you got home? It is all under your control.
  • Switch between the scents loaded on the plugin diffuser
  • Control the intensity of the scents

The app also has some beneficial automated features for you to rely on when controlling your aromatherapeutic journey. These include:

  • Keeping track of how long each of your scent bottles has been running.
  • An away mode that uses location syncing to automatically stop the Pura plugin fragrance diffuser when you leave your home. The app’s location sensor will restart the Pura once you return home.
  • Naming your various Pura plugin diffusers by location within the application allows easier control.

How Long Do Pura Fragrance Vials Last?

The device is designed to diffuse the preloaded scents over a maximum of 1000 square feet. The fragrance vials are of the highest quality and are sold separately. Pura designed the fragrance vials to last for at least two weeks, running for eight hours daily at a medium (level 5) intensity. Assuming you do not intend to run the scent all day, a single vial could last as long as a month.

Though the Pura plugin fragrance diffusers have a long shelf life, you can extend it further. Prolong your scent vials lifespan by setting the device to low intensity and programming the diffuser to only run when you are home. When switching out scents, ensure you put the cap on tightly and store the vials properly.

Common Problems With Pura Fragrance Diffusers

Perfect products do not exist, and Pura has hit a few snags, as with any other item in the market. Here are the most common problems and how to solve them

Weak Scent Diffusion

If your Pura is cranked to intensity level ten, yet the scent seems like a vague fantasy, something is wrong. Here are the likely causes of your Pura’s lackluster performance.

  • Your intensity setting is not high enough for the strong scent diffusion you would like. Ensure the app’s scent intensity is higher than eight to experience the most intense scents.
  • Low fragrance levels are another common cause of weak scent. Your Pura app is programmed to warn you when the fragrance is low (less than fifty hours remaining), medium (about a hundred hours), and high (more than 100 hours). It is wise to check your vials manually because the app tends to glitch occasionally. Removing the fragrance vial from the plugin diffuser will reveal a clear side strip indicating the scent level. Refill your fragrances whenever they run low, even when some oil remains in the vials. Some scents do burn up all their oil before exhausting the scent.
  • The fuse indicators are blown – the newest Pura plugin fragrance diffusers flash a purple light to indicate this problem. If your Pura is flashing purple, remove it from the power outlet and contact the company’s customer care team for repair instructions.
  • If none of the above issues seem to cause the weak scent issue, you must perform a heating test. The test is designed to confirm that your fragrance diffuser is working optimally. Remove the fragrances from the diffuser and switch on the left slot at full intensity level for thirty minutes. After the thirty minutes lapse, feel the top of your diffuser. Something is wrong with your diffuser’s heating elements if it is not noticeably warm to the touch. Repeat these steps with the diffusers right side. If these tests reveal a defective diffuser, you will need to reach the Pura customer care team for repair and maintenance instructions.

Tips for Using Your Pura Plugin Fragrance Diffuser

Using your Pura plugin fragrance diffuser is as easy as ABC, but here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your new wonder device.

  • Proper diffuser placement ensures the device can cover the maximum range of 1000 square feet. Your Pura plugin diffuser should be placed away from closed-off spaces and walls. It should be in an area with excellent airflow to guarantee perfect scent dispersion. If the device is being used in a larger room, you may need more than one diffuser to ensure the room is effectively covered.
  • Clean your Pura plugin fragrance diffuser periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent the accumulation of dust or debris. Most diffuser problems are caused by dust accumulation affecting the performance of the heating element.
  • Do not run used fragrances, as this may ruin your diffuser. Ensure you replace your scent vials as soon as they begin running low.
  • Conserve your scent vials by running the Pura plugin fragrance diffuser at a low intensity and gradually working up to your preferred setting.
  • Purchasing a range of fragrances and rotating them or using them in different rooms is a great way to curate your home’s aromatherapeutic experience. Every room will have its signature scents. What’s not to love about that? If you only have one Pura diffuser, rotating the scents will keep your olfactory senses on edge.
  • When loading fragrances on your Pura plugin diffuser, consider their compatibility. You do not want to load fragrances that do not mesh well together. This could cause your room to smell weird whenever you switch from one scent to another. Avoid mixing scents that combine unpleasantly.
  • Use the application to program your Pura device to your unique habits. Precise programming will ensure you get the desired olfactory journey while preserving your scent vials for as long as possible.
  • Comply with safety precautions by placing the Pura plugin fragrance diffuser in a well-aerated area and away from children.


Your Pura places the power of fragrance at your fingertips. Though the Pura is more expensive than other scent diffusers, it is worth the extra cost. It offers more convenience than any competitors. The company also has a handy Pura device designed for your car.