Let Honey Bunches of Oats #MorningEnergy Rock Your Breakfast!

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but as moms we tend to put ourselves last when we have a family to think about. it’s not always easy to find time to eat in the morning, let alone something healthy. I never skip breakfast, but since I’m usually in a rush in the mornings, I just grab a slice of toast or a banana and then wonder why I’m dragging by mid-morning.

I recently had the opportunity to sample two NEW cereals from Post: Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy. These cereals are called Morning Energy for a very good reason. They are designed to give you what you need in the morning and keep you going strong all morning long. Packed with 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it’s just the type of breakfast that busy parents like you and I need. Plus each serving of Morning Energy provides 33 grams of whole grains, which helps you stay full so you won’t end up hitting the snacks later on to get a quick pick me up.

So you might be thinking that any cereal that provides that much nutrition in one bowl probably tastes like tree bark, right? Wrong! Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy is available in two tasty flavors: Chocolatey Almond Crunch and Cinnamon Crunch. (yes Chocolate, you read it right!) The Cinnamon Crunch is filled with crispy flakes, and crunchy, lightly sweet cinnamon clusters. I loved this because it was not overly sweet and had just the right amount of cinnamon flavor. The Chocolately Almond Crunch flavor is filled with sliced almonds, crunchy flakes, chocolate clusters and yummy chocolately bits. This one was my favorite because well….those chocolate bits won me over.

It’s hard to believe that you’re eating a healthy breakfast with Morning Energy cereals because they really do taste that good!

I’ve put both of these cereals to the test in my home and found that they kept me from feeling tired and hungry late in the morning, and even my kids love them too! Now you know you have a winner when the kids want to eat the same cereal that you have! From now on, I’ll be starting my day off right with Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy cereals.

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Which flavor of Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy would you like the best and why?





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  1. I’ve actually never tried this cereal before. I should because I workout a lot and need something that will really fill me.

  2. Chocolate in my cereal?! I have to try this!! :)

  3. I love this cereal and we love all the Honey Bunches of Oats.

  4. I have tried some of their other varieties in the past but didn’t realize they had any new ones out. I would love to try the Chocolatey Almond Crunch variety. Yummy!

  5. I love the chocolaty bits in that cereal… so yummy, yet not overpowering.

  6. Glad to hear of a new one to try!

  7. I like Honey Bunches of Oats and I especially like that they make a chocolatey cereal for grown-ups!

  8. I like anything Honey Bunches of Oats does and the sound of morning energy is awesome to me. I can’t wait to try this new cereal. I can’t have chocolate right now, but those bits of chocolate look sooooo inviting in the bowl!

  9. I need to check this out. I would love to try this cereal since I am fan of HBOO.

  10. Amy Lynn Desrosiers says:

    A cereal with chocolate inside? Yum, I take some of that please!

  11. Love honey bunches of oats-we start every day with cereal-I can’t believe it has chocolate chips in it! Going to have to go get some-need to start my day off with my fave food group-chocolate!

  12. Mmm, you had me at “Chocolatey Bits”! I love cereal, and this looks tasty.

  13. A breakfast cereal with chocolate? I love cereal (even as a snack). I need to try this!

  14. I love honey bunches of oats. I did not know they had a morning energy though. I will have to check that out!

  15. We love Honey Bunches of Oats at our house. I love the chocolate pieces they’ve included.

  16. I’ve had one with chocolate bits in there and it’s fantastic. I wouldn’t have thought it would work but it does!

  17. I’m always looking for new breakfast items and anything with chocolate-y bits sounds right up my alley!

  18. Those chocolate bites look delicious.

  19. I am going to have to try this because I love chocolate bits. I like the Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends, it is SO GOOD!

  20. My kids would love this twist! This cereal is yummy w/o the chocolate though too!

  21. The chocolate looks yummy, but in the morning I am a cinnamon girl. I like their original with raisins too. Cereal is always a good way to start the mornings.

  22. Chocolate?! Boy THAT is tempting. This cereal could give my morning spinach smoothie a run for its money!

  23. YUM- I love honey bunches of oats– especially with chocolate :)

  24. This cereal is really good and all my children really enjoy it.

  25. My son loves honey bunches, we like the chocolate the best!

  26. I am most interested in trying the Chocolate Almond crunch variety, but that is primarily because it has chocolate, which cinnamon can hardly compete with. They both sound great though.

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