Nikwax Tech Wash Instructions for Best Results

Usually, waterproof clothes are must-have clothes that keep you dry even when you are outdoors and it’s raining. Notably, to ensure the clothes retain their water-repellency characteristics, you must take special care of them. And one way to take care of these clothes to ensure effectiveness and longevity is by washing them using the recommended cleaners such as Nikwax Tech Wash.

Notably, although you may have been using the Nikwax Tech Wash product for some time, you may not have been getting the desired results. This is definitely because you have been using it wrongly. Therefore, in this post, we will give you a guide on the best ways to use Nikwax Tech Wash, one of the best cleaners for rain clothes.

What is Nikwax Tech Wash?

Nikwax Tech Wash is a special type of cleaner commonly suitable for cleaning waterproof outdoor clothes. The Tech Wash product is water-based that adheres to the fabric fibers and does not coat the apparel. Therefore, the product washes in and doesn’t wash off when the clothes are rinsed.

Importantly, Nikwax Tech Wash is a safe-to-use product on waterproof clothes; hence you can use it to wash your clothes as many times as you deem fit. Overall, the product does not harm your clothes’ water repellency. Instead, it revitalizes the water repellency, hence your clothes will protect you from getting wet at all times and for many years.

So, do you use Nikwax Tech Wash like traditional detergents? Definitely not. For best results, you must ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the instructions on the clothes care label.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to give you the recommended Nikwax Tech Wash instructions for the best results. We will give you a step-by-step guide on how to apply the cleaner as well as other recommended materials you should use after washing in case the clothes are not waterproof even after washing.

What causes Outdoor Clothes to lose water repellency

Before we proceed, you need to understand what causes the outdoor clothes to lose water repellency, for that’s the reason you should wash them using Nikwax Tech Wash.

Usually, when rain clothes are new, they are usually effective in repelling water. Notably, apart from the clothes keeping you dry on a wet day, you are able to see water beading and falling off your clothes. However, after wearing the clothes for some time, they become dirty and stop repelling water. You begin seeing the water is no longer falling off, but being attracted.

Mainly, the clothes only need a simple wash with the right products unless they have worn out too and require re-waterproofing after washing. So, how do you then know that your clothes are dirty and require a wash?

  • The clothes have mud on them
  • Stubborn stains
  • They have a foul smell
  • Lines of sweat

Therefore, based on the above things to look out for, it’s so easy to notice when your rain clothes require a wash.

Generally, you don’t have to buy new rain clothes every time they begin attracting water instead of the beading and falling off. Washing the clothes using the right products, and using the product in the right way, is all you need to improve the water-repellency of your clothes.

Luckily, it’s easy to wash and even re-waterproof your clothes if necessary.

Instructions on How to Apply and Use Nikwax Tech Wash

Although Nikwax Tech Wash offers premium protection and revitalization to fabrics, sometimes, it may not be effective especially when applied incorrectly. Notably, Nikwax Tech Wash is a special product, and easy to use.

The following are steps and instructions on how to clean.

1) Prepare the clothes and outdoor gear for the wash

Usually, you don’t just pick up dirty outdoor clothes and throw them into the washing machine. You need to first do a little bit of preparation. For instance, you need to zip up, loosen the cords around the base of jackets and undo pockets to ensure no water gets inside during washing.

If some of the clothes have stubborn stains or mud, you can gently scrub them off before putting them into the washing machine. You can use a toothbrush and tech wash slightly diluted in water to spot-clean the clothes and remove the stubborn stains.

2) Check and prepare the washing machine

Usually, traditional detergents and softeners are not recommended to be used to wash waterproof clothes. The softeners strip the clothes of any waterproofing; hence they should not be used. Also, the detergents and softeners clog the pores of the rain clothes, reducing their breathability. Therefore, check and ensure the detergent drawer in your washing machine is clean.

Notably, you can rinse off any detergent residue before using the machine to wash the water-repellent clothes.

3) Add the Nikwax Tech wash

Mainly, shake the product well before use. Then, measure the right amount of the tech wash and add it to the washing machine. The amount you need will mainly depend on the amount of load, and hardness of water you are using.

Alternatively, instead of putting the cleaner in the detergent drawer, you can put it directly into the laundry ball in the washing machine drum. Notably, you shouldn’t use the tech wash cleaner and the re-waterproofing product in a single load. You should wash the clothes first using the Tech Wash, and use the waterproof product in the second separate load for re-waterproofing.

Importantly, when using your washing machine to wash outdoor clothes with Nikwax Tech Wash, you shouldn’t put anything in the softener section. Only use the detergent section.

4) Add the clothes

Put the dirty clothes into the washing machine

5) Set the washing machine

Based on the care instructions on the clothes label, set the washing machine accordingly. Mainly, setting a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and washing the clothes in a delicate full cycle is recommended.

6) Dry the clothes

Once the clothes are clean and pass the test of water repellency, you should dry them. To dry the clothes, you can check on the clothé’s manufacturer’s care instructions. Mostly, most of these clothes can be air dried. Alternatively, you can tumble dry or cool iron dry them.

7) Store the clothes in a dry and clean closet

Once the clothes are clean and fully dry, you should store them properly. You can hang them inside your closet.

Re-waterproofing (optional)

Notably, apart from dirt, sometimes your clothes lose their water repellency due to wearing off. Therefore, if you notice there is no improvement in the water repellency of your clothes after washing, you can re-waterproof them. This is an optional step that you don’t have to do after every wash.

Re-waterproofing is only necessary when the water repellence of the clothes cannot be restored by washing using Nikwax Tech Wash. Therefore, to decide on whether to re-waterproof or to proceed to dry the washed clothes, you need to test the clothes for water repellency. You test this by checking whether the water is beading in the washed clothes and falling off. If the water is falling off, then it means the clothes are waterproof; hence they don’t require re-waterproofing.

On the other hand, if the water is not beading on the clothes, it means the clothes and the outdoor gear need re-waterproofing.

For re-waterproofing, you can use one of the best products known as TX.Direct. When using this product you can apply it right away after washing, without first drying the clothes.

You simply add the re-waterproofing inside the washing machine and run the machine in a slow spin cycle.

Notably, you need to choose the waterproofer that is most suited for waterproofing your specific apparel, depending on the apparel’s care label. Typically, there are different types of waterproofers such as TX Direct Wash In and TX. Direct Spray-On, each formulated for a specific fabric.

The Wash-In TX Direct waterproofing is suitable for outdoor clothes such as rain jackets, and all hardshell outdoor apparel without particular liners. On the other hand, Spray On TX Direct is suitable for outdoor clothes with liners of different fabrics such as wool, and leather among others. With the Spray On TX Direct, you are able to control the waterproof treatment of the jacket to the outside only.

But, for best results, ensure to re-waterproof your clothes at least a few times a year.


If you have been using Nikwax Tech Wash wrongly, after reading this post, you now know where you might have been going wrong and not getting the best results. Now, you can follow the above instructions to wash your rain clothes and stay dry even when outside on a rainy day.

Nikwax Tech Wash is an effective cleaner that you should use to clean and revitalize the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) of your clothes without the need to re-waterproof the clothes. The cleaner removes all dirt, stains, and residue left behind from traditional detergents you have been using.

When used correctly, Nikwax Tech Wash enables you to get the desired results. You get your clothes clean and with revitalized DWR. But, in case you don’t get results after using the tech wash cleaner in the right way, you shouldn’t panic. Simply, use TX.Direct waterproofer to restore the water repellency of your clothes, and then dry them.