How Long Does Airwick Last on Highest Setting? I Checked

When Airwick air fresheners are set to the highest setting, the device releases more fragrance into the air, leading to a stronger scent that’s noticeable in larger spaces. However, this increased output has a direct impact on how long the fragrance lasts.

In a controlled test environment, an Airwick on the highest setting will need a refill after about 16 days, assuming it runs for 12 hours each day. This is a considerable decrease from the 45 days longevity when set to the lowest setting.

Factors Affecting Airwick’s Duration

Several environmental elements influence how quickly an Airwick will run out:

  • Temperature: Warmer conditions can lead to faster evaporation of the air freshener liquid.
  • Ventilation: More airflow can disperse the scent quicker, potentially reducing its perceived strength and duration.
  • Fragrance Type: Oil-based scents generally evaporate slower than alcohol-based ones, even on a high setting.

To maximize the life of an Airwick, be mindful of these factors, especially when the device is on high.

Optimizing Airwick Usage

For those who want to ensure their Airwick lasts longer while still providing a noticeable scent, consider the following:

  • Use the high setting sparingly, such as when you need to quickly freshen up a room.
  • Opt for a moderate setting for everyday use, balancing scent intensity with longevity.
  • Keep extra refills on hand, acknowledging that higher settings mean more frequent changes.

Balancing the high setting’s immediate impact with its shorter duration means making informed choices about when and where to use this level of intensity. By considering the room size, desired scent strength, and other environmental factors, you can make the most out of your Airwick air freshener.

Premature Airwick Expiry

Sometimes Airwick air fresheners may run out sooner than expected, even on the highest setting. Here are some common reasons why this might happen:

  1. Power Surges: Electrical fluctuations can cause Airwick plug-ins to release more fragrance than programmed.
  2. Defective Units: Occasionally, a unit may malfunction, leading to rapid depletion of the fragrance oil.
  3. Continuous High Setting: If the unit is left on the highest setting around the clock, it will consume the scent oil much faster.
  4. Incorrect Installation: Not fitting the refill properly can cause leakage, which leads to wastage and a shorter lifespan.
  5. Extreme Temperatures: Excessive heat or cold can affect the viscosity of the fragrance oil, potentially causing it to vaporize too quickly or clog the wick.
  6. Airflow Variations: Too much airflow around the unit, like from a fan, air conditioner, or an open window, can disperse the scent too rapidly.

To prevent your Airwick from expiring too soon, ensure it’s installed correctly, away from extreme temperatures and excessive airflow, and use the high setting judiciously. Keep an eye on its performance, and if you suspect a defect, utilize warranties or customer support to address the issue.

Longer Lasting Alternatives to Airwick

For those seeking air freshening solutions with a more enduring presence, reed diffusers are an excellent alternative. They use essential oils absorbed through sticks, releasing a constant aroma that can last several months.

Essential oil diffusers also offer longevity; with a few drops, they can deliver a subtle fragrance for hours and can be refilled as needed.

Beeswax or soy-based candles are another route, often providing a longer burn time compared to regular paraffin candles and the added benefit of a natural, toxin-free fragrance.

For technology enthusiasts, smart home fragrance devices allow for precise control over intensity and timing, optimizing scent release for both longevity and impact.

Lastly, for a completely maintenance-free option, consider natural air purifiers like bamboo charcoal or activated carbon bags that absorb odors and can be effective for up to two years, after which they can be recycled in the soil.

While each alternative operates differently, they all provide options for those looking to maintain a fresh scent in their home over an extended period.


In conclusion, while the highest setting on an Airwick air freshener offers a quick and intense fragrance, it significantly shortens the product’s lifespan. Understanding the factors that contribute to this and how to optimize the usage can help maintain a pleasant aroma without frequent refills.

If longevity is a priority, there are several alternatives to consider, from reed diffusers to smart fragrance devices, each with their own set of benefits. Choosing the right type of air freshener for your needs can ensure a lasting and enjoyable scent in your home.