Cell Phone Cases Add Personality and Style

cell phone cases

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Cell phone cases were originally invented to protect your phone from becoming damaged. However, over the years these cases have evolved into items that are bought not only for protection, but to add flair and personality to cell phones. Websites like cellphonecases.com sell a variety of different styles, making it possible to express yourself when talking or texting on your phone.

Stylish Options

You can find cell phone cases everywhere these days. You can buy them online, from kiosks in the mall, and even at gas stations. Finding a case that is stylish and meets your criteria for “cool” isn’t too hard to find if you know where to look. The problem that many people run into when purchasing a cell phone case is that they have a phone that requires a specific type of case that isn’t available at popular retailers. This means you may have to hop online and look for customized cases that meet your style criteria, while fitting your phone like a glove.


Cell phone users, especially those that have expensive smartphones, need to make sure that they are not putting style above protection. Smartphones are something that many people desire to own, but they are not cheap and they can break easily if not taken care of properly. Because cell phones are taken everywhere these days, it is crucial that you purchase a case that offers a high degree of protection. If you plan to use your cell phone around water, or you work in an industry that makes it more likely than not that your phone could be exposed to frequent abuses (like the construction industry, for instance), then you will want to inquire about shatterproof and water-tight cases.


Some people don’t want to spend a lot of money on a cell phone case because they feel like they may want to change the case on a regular basis. While this makes sense, the truth is that you want to protect your investment. If you own a smartphone, spend a decent amount of money on a case that will offer the protection you desire, while still allowing you to show off your personality. Websites like cellphonecases.com can help you get the best of both worlds.




  1. I have a plain old case on my iPhone, but I have been wanting one with my boys picture on it for a while. I just need a really strong one that won’t crack because I drop my phone a lot lol.

  2. I don’t have a case for my cell phone as I am living in the stone ages and don’t yet have a smart phone. Whenever I get around to upgrading to an iPhone though, I definitely will want to protect it with a case. I can be a bit clumsy :)

  3. I would love a cute, fun case but i’m clumsy and drop my devices. I need protection . that comes first.

  4. I have a couple different cases for my iphone. I have a couple of girly cases and a couple of “safe from kids drops” cases.

  5. Chad jokes that my phone has a more extensive wardrobe than I do. LOL We have so many cases in our home between the four of us with iPhones, that we could probably open our own store. I agree with not putting style above protection. Right now I am using a wallet style case that I love. It keeps my screen protected (after I cracked it because I went from Otterbox to just a shell, and of course dropped the darn thing) and lets me keep my ID and bank cards handy.

  6. I think cases are super-important… I have dropped my phone on the pavement numerous times and if I didn’t have a case, it would be dead by now… HA

  7. I’ve Had A Few & They REALLY Do The Job I Don’t Know How Many Times My Little Ones Have Drop My Phone & It’s STILL In Tact & Working!! LOL!

  8. There are some real stylish cases to choose from out there.

  9. As it stands the only case I have for my phone is one of those hard cases that protect it when it falls. I’d love to get one that was more personalized.

  10. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Cell phone covers and cases are a must to protect screens from clumsy people like myself!

  11. I don’t have a case for my phone but if I had an iPhone I would definitely get a strong protective one.

  12. My fiance got me a new phone case for Christmas and I love it – it protects the phone and also has room for my ID, business cards, etc. Like you, I agree that it’s important to protect your phone!

  13. I used to have one of those big, bulky cases because I thought it had the best protection. I really didn’t like it. I have 3 cases now and like to switch them up.

  14. They do add personal style and it just proves that I don’t have any! LOL.

  15. I used to change my iphone cases a lot but I find myself super clamsy so I have to stick to a one case that actually protects my phone and I’m using Morphie.;-)

  16. I had a great case for over a year, but eventually it fell apart. Now, my budget is tighter and I have a crappy case. I really need to upgrade or my 4yo is going to destroy my phone!

  17. I need a new stylish case for my phone, I am need to have sort of pizzaz. I mean we always have our cellphones it becomes a needed item to dress up right?

  18. My phone currently doesn’t have a case but It looks like they have tons of options.

  19. I go for function over fun, especially since I destory cell phones– my favorite is the otterbox!

  20. Thank you for this, I have been seeking a new one but I think I have the grandfather of all smart phones! Very hard to find anything more stylish.

  21. I made the investment, I love my iPhone and being a blogger at least when I am not home I can still use my social media. It’s not very pretty with my big clunky case but that’s OK!

  22. Thanks for sharing this, I need 3 phone cases for my kids’ phones. I’ll have to take a peek around their site!

  23. My cell phone case is pretty simple! I’ll have to check out some of the styles.

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