Businesses: Are You Using Coupons?


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There are now shows on television completely focused on the actions of a group known as extreme couponers. Don’t forget, though, that there are “normal” people who appreciate and use coupons as well. It’s time to ask yourself, are you using coupons? Continue reading for what types of coupons to use, how to distribute them, and reasons why you should do so.

 Types of Coupons

 The type of coupons you distribute to your customers depends entirely on your field, and on what your goal is. For example, if you are a restaurant and simply want a customer to come in and try something, you’d send a coupon for a dollar or percentage off of one meal. If you want more than one person to come in, or you want to generate a little more revenue, you might send out a buy one get one free or half off coupon for a meal. Some restaurants also will send out coupons for a specific or new dish they have developed and want customers to try. Maybe you need to get rid of a certain line or product, so you put those on clearance. There are many types of savings you can give to customers, so you just need to decide what your goals are.

 How to Distribute Coupons

 Another thing you have to consider is how you’re going to get the coupons out. There are many mailing services you can use, and some of these have a website they use as well. You can use circulars or the newspaper. You can use certain savings apps like iBotta or other ones, or use the Internet and send emails out to your subscribers. Group deals online are very popular right now, and that could be another avenue for you.

 Reasons to Send Them

 People love saving money. When it comes time for date night, a penny-pinching couple is more likely to go to the place that’s offering them rewards or a money-saving incentive than a place that’s not. Then, rather than giving a discount and having customers, you’ve lost customers to another business and made nothing. If you want more business, an easy question to ask yourself is are you using coupons and if the answer is no, you know what you need to do.




  1. I don’t own a business, but it would be super smart to do coupons. I know I will be more likely to go somewhere if they have coupons!

  2. I’ve offered coupons and promotions before for our family businesses (everything from an ice cream shop to 5 star hotel) and have definitely had a positive response. And, as a consumer, I definitely pay attention to business that offer their customers some type of savings. Nice post!

  3. I love using coupons. I’m more inclined to check something out with a coupon.

  4. We use coupons for home and for our business!

  5. i offer discounts for my customers for additional services — so kind of a coupon? i love coupons!

  6. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I have always used coupons. It’s just a little bit more of an incentive to try something new.

  7. As a consumer, I am more likely to go with the brand that offers me a coupon.

  8. I am much more willing to try something new if I have a coupon for it.

  9. I am a coupon user myself. A lot of the placed I continue to go to were finds from a coupon book. It is an excellent advertising system. Great info.

  10. passing on to my hubby who is a great business owner :)

  11. YES we use coupons, couldn’t live on one income with 5 kids without coupons!

  12. I love using coupons. I am so happy when I get them in the m ail or in the newspaper. I think all businesses should consider using them.

  13. I don’t, but need to start to big time.

  14. I used to work for a company where I was on the marketing team and coupons were a huge part of our strategy. They make a big, big difference and have a huge impact on shopping habits!

  15. Coupons definitely get customers in the store! I love when I used to get them in the mail! Great points!

  16. If I have a business coupon, it makes all the difference in the world on whether I choose them over another! I love business coupons!

  17. Yea I use coupons all the time with my glass art – return customer coupons! Coupons do bring more sales!

  18. I’m not a business but I always use coupon when I can. I’ve gotten some great savings as well. Just wish I could save more like those I see on TV.

  19. These are some great ideas, thank you :) I give out discounted class cards, but not coupons, yet :)

  20. A lot of businesses still don’t use coupons and I see them spending a lot of money on marketing and advertising. coupons will help so much with marketing. Great post! And really great points!

  21. Unfortunately extreme couponers have made it harder for regular people to use coupons because there are less of them and so many more restrictions.

  22. I love coupons and love using them whenever I can!

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