How to Keep Small Tots from Small Toys


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Taking care of small kids is difficult. It’s difficult mentally, physically, and emotionally. Even still, while it is difficult, it’s absolutely worth it. In fact, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could hope for in this life, even though it is so difficult. One of the most difficult parts about it is that they tend to create harmful situations for themselves without even realizing it. Often they like to create messes, explore dangerous terrain, and fumble with dangerous items they find such as Christmas ornaments or small toys. It’s important to figure out a way to keep them from hurting themselves with dangerous items.

 Create a System

One of the best ways you can protect your little ones is to create a system for keeping track of tiny toys that could be harmful to young ones. It’s a good idea to have a specific place that all small items go in each and every room. That way, you will always know where the potentially dangerous items are for younger toddlers. Older kids can still enjoy their fun toys while knowing where to place them when they are done. Another good rule is to only allow one toy to be played with at a time so that nothing gets lost or misplaced for little hands to find.

Invest in Locking Storage

Locking storage is imperative. Few tactics stop curious toddlers from getting into just about anything. In addition to baby proofing dangerous areas around the home, it’s a good idea to get locking cabinets, drawers, and chests so that any potential dangerous tiny item has a safe place to be tucked away for those brief moments when you take your eyes off your tot. You can find good locking storage in big-box stores or local supermarkets.

Educate Those around You

It’s an old saying, but they do say that raising a child takes a village. This is absolutely true. You cannot possibly keep an eye on your young child at every waking moment. Also, you cannot possibly keep up with cleaning up after everyone all the time, either. It will take the help of those around you to keep him or her safe. So be sure to educate those around you about the system and locking storage you have put into place. This will make it run smoother and have a much higher likelihood of success in keeping those small toys out of your child’s small hands.




  1. How timely. My almost 9 month old just recently became very adept at crawling and now standing and appears to be an expert at getting into the 5yo and 6yo’s things!

  2. Great post! Even when they’re older you have to keep them away from little ones. I have a toddler who still puts things into her mouth so we always store things away from her and constantly monitor.

  3. My 1 year old loves all kind of tiny things and loves to chew them too. So I carefully check all the toys she is using. Great tips!

  4. Very good tips. It is always hard, especially with more than one child. I remember feeling so bad because I was always hounding the slightly older kid to only play with his legos in his room because I was so afraid his baby sister would get to them…

  5. I agree about the locking storage. You just never can be careful enough when protecting your kids!

  6. Very good ideas! Children need to be protected!

  7. I have to say I don’t miss this aspect of little bitty ones in the house. With bigger kids it can also be difficult when they forget to put small things away.

  8. This is so important. It’s especially hard when there are older kids in the home with toys that have smaller parts.

  9. Thanks for these tips. I would like to add the importance of locking medicines. I had a box that all medicines went into, and it had 4 latches that all had to be pressed at the same time (which was difficult for me, too).

  10. naptime was the golden time here, when the little(s) were napping, big kid stuff could come out. and we made sure to have some off limits areas. baby gates can be your friend!

  11. I hate that 99% of the toys my girls received for Christmas contain super tiny pieces. I mean pieces so small you need a magnifying glass to make them out! Why do companies do this!?

  12. Great tipps! When my sons was little he stuck everything in his mouth! He even swallowed a marble once! It was so scary!

  13. This is the perfect time for some toy safety tips. I a sure a lot of households have gotten many new toys and babies want to investigate. With three kids in a row, I spent a lot of time making sure the baby did not get a hold of the bigger kids toy with many small parts.

  14. Thanks for this, I have a 1 month old and my house is no where near safe for a crawling baby. I have to put my craft room on lockdown

  15. i struggle with this – having 5 children ages 8 to 8 months. The hardest thing are the Lego’s. I can organize all I can but my kids have to put things back where they belong – that is the hardest part!

  16. We always told our oldest to think about things from the baby’s level when playing. This really helped make sure she cleaned up all her small toys.

  17. Locking storage is a great idea, I have a 10mo who is constantly getting into her 4yo brother’s toys, and many of them are tiny. He tries, but at his age, it’s hard to get him to remember to pick them up all the time.

  18. Locking storage makes such good sense. It’s just not worth taking a chance!

  19. I certainly do not miss the days when my son would grab everything and try to shove them in his mouth. Safety is so important especially at this age.

  20. It i important to be careful with mall objects aroud children. They have a nack of putting things in their mouths that don’t belong!

  21. Because of the age difference we have (8, 2.5 and 1.5), anytime the oldest gets a toy with small pieces, he already knows to put those pieces into a Ziploc bag and put them up in his room. He can play with them there, but not bring them downstairs where the little ones are. It’s a great system that works for us!

  22. It really is hard to keep small toys away from baby. I do home daycare and it’s hard when I have babies and older kids… and instilling it into the older kids to keep their toys away from the baby area. There are a few toy sets that they must play with on a table – which is away from the baby area.

  23. Great tips!
    We moved our little stuff into bedrooms so I can just shut the door to keep anyone out of lego or barbie shoes. So much easier than saying NO all the time.
    I also created a smaller kids toy area where all our baby stuff is so I can re-direct.
    Great tips!

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