Monster Puppet Craft

monster puppet craft


This is a fun Halloween craft that you can make with your little ones! This is easy to make, and has a lot of room for your imagination to go wild. You can use any combination of craft papers, glitters, beads, buttons…you name it! Try making your favorite Halloween monster!

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You will need:

construction paper, craft paper, tissue paper or any combination of these

beads, buttons, glitter etc (optional)

glue, paste, scissors, markers, crayons


1. Decide what color your monster is going to be and fold a sheet of construction paper in half. Cut across the top, removing the corners to make a rounded head.

puppet head

2. Open the folded sheet of paper, and add glue around the rounded top and down the side. Be sure to leave the bottom open. This is the opening to your puppet. Fold the paper over the glue and allow to dry. This forms your monsters head.

puppet head

3. Let’s make your monster eyes! Decide what color and shape your monster eyes will be and cut shapes out of construction paper. You can also use beads or buttons for this step as well!

puppet eyes

4. To make your monster eyes stand up off the head, you will need to make some eye stalks! Cut strips of construction paper, however wide or long you would like your monster eyes to hang, and fold them up, accordion style. Then glue them to the back of your finished monster eyes, and allow to dry. Once completely dry, glue your monster eyes on the front of your monster head.

puppet eyes

5. Let’s make a monster mouth! Draw out the shape for your monster mouth and add teeth if you would like. Cut out the mouth and glue to the front of your monster. It’s time to make your monster arms and legs! These are made in the same way as the eyes. Cut long or short strips of construction paper and fold them accordion style. Glue or make your own hands and feet, or claws! Allow to dry and glue these onto your monster.

puppet arms legs

Once your monster is complete, and dry..he is ready to play with. Make several of these and put on your own monster puppet show!



  1. Very creative craft! Great job!

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