Natural Storage For Your Home

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When you think about storage solutions around the home, different materials come to mind. Wire mesh shelving multiplies your options in the kitchen, and soft fabric pockets turn the back of a closet door into a convenient shoe rack. However, there are other choices that look wonderful and work beautifully in any decor. Natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and hyacinth are the latest tricks up your organizing sleeve, and they have the added advantage of being eco-friendly.

All of these lovely materials are lightweight and durable with soft hues that blend into any color scheme. A pretty wastebasket wrapped with natural fiber brightens up the corner of a room with function disguised as an accent piece. An attractive willow hamper is ideal for storing laundry because the material naturally breathes and discourages mold and mildew. Woven hyacinth transforms storage cube baskets into small works of art that are too pretty to put away on a shelf. All the naturals clean up easily too with just the wipe of a damp cloth.

Bamboo is one of the most versatile of these earth-friendly materials because of its natural strength. From tough cutting boards to beautiful wine racks, this tropical wood lends itself to all kinds of clever kitchen ideas. Organizing those messy drawers is a snap with bamboo trays that feature adjustable dividers, and spices are always more enticing when they’re displayed on a tiered shelf that complements the countertop. For more ideas on the latest trends in natural storage, enjoy the ever-expanding collections at


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