Write Score Hiring Seasonal Test Scorers

 Education Assessment Scorer

Write Score is an assessment company that services schools in several states in the area of writing based on individual state scoring criteria.

We are currently looking for 100 seasonal scorers to join our team.  Our season begins in  August and continues through May.   While work throughout the academic season is fairly consistent, there are busier or slower months than others.
This is a unique working position as an independent contractor and will fit some lifestyles better than others. You will score at home using your home computer with high speed internet access.  An evaluation period with a successful completion is required.  Scorers will be required to read individual essays and assign independent scores that accurately describe those attributes of the essay.
Scorer will telecommute from home, work from home!

Job Requirements

 Education Assessment Scorer

Job Duties & Requirements:

Scorers are expected to use the required procedure and maintain consistent and reliable scoring.


  • Ability to communicate and respond to specific directives
  • Meet specific deadlines
  • 2-year degree
  • Successful completion of training
  • Email access Computer literate
  • High Speed, broadband internet access

For more information, and to apply please visit: Career Builder-Write Score


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